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January 6th 2023

March 9th 2023

Fiona is 36 Years old and mum of two boys.

She wanted to lose weight in order to feel healthier physically and mentally as well as focusing on changing her diet to healthier options and making it a lifestyle.

She is planning to get married next year and wants to feel comfortable in her body and confident in her wedding dress. 

I have worked with Fiona for 3 months now and I am so proud of the progress that she has made. She has begun to slowly transform her body and also change her mindset. 

Fiona Strength trains at home 3 times a week and follows a flexible meal program that is tailored to her goals and preferences. Although Fiona has been in a calorie deficit, Fiona enjoys a variety of foods and still has a good balance of enjoying meals and drinks when she is out and still losing weight and making progress. 


In the space of 3 months Fiona has had a 15kg Loss and is feeling Confident, Motivated and Getting stronger week by week.


I am so proud of this young Lady and we continue to work with each other until we get to her goal weight.


Want to achieve results whilst being a busy mum and still enjoying your favourite meals & drinks.


Book a consultation with me and I can help get you work towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Progress pictures

" Slow progress is better than no progress, stay positive and don't give up "



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